1991 Sport Coupe "Blanch" Ford Mustang Notchback

I got this 91 Mustang in 2007 or 2008, it is now 2011 and I am near to getting it on the road. Originally red interior with a white exterior, black trim, with a red accent :) this car now sports an interior from my old (sold) 1993 notchback 4 cylinder I bought for just this purpose (and I drove it for a few years and stole its parking brake system (its a 93, similar to 1993 cobra parking brake routing). In the balance of time, I have welded subfame connectors and battlebox/torque box reinforcements, and some custom upper control arm bracing, gutted it, installed the gear from my totaled 1991 grey notch, and performed a perfectly complete black interior, with some reasonable upgrades :)



I did a lot of work on the interior!

See the custom upper control arm bracing details!

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