Welding Steel Plates to strengthen the axle mounting points

Battle Boxes vs Custom Plates

The upper plates you see on eBay can compress the fox chassis - thin, bolted on around a void in the fox platform's body use can squish the body metal together to effectively loosen the bolts, rendering them less than useless. My career welding buddy whom works on Caterpillars and is a mobile mechanic extraordinaire, and I have developed a superior method of strengthening the upper control arm mounting area for Fox Platform, providing an excellent point for a roll cage to tie into if desired. Our solution can be bolted or welded in. We are in the process of making a digital scan of the prototypes and will have them water-laser cut.

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Working on a new idea! A moderate approach to upper control arm bracing!

This is the Exploratory Surgery Phase
Get an idea what we're dealing with

Similar to the Wild Rides' Battle Boxes for the upper arms
is a thin bendable metal piece basically used as a washer!

We developed these units
A perfect place to tie in a roll cage.

In this method, we fasten the steel plate on
the body's metal where the control arm box is

We built this development unit, welding
and fabbing directly onto the car

We started by drilling through factory
holes (behind) to get a orientation point

We cut open the area
Dr. Grog at the wheel

Grog takes some measurements
Before torching the plate metal

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