So you think that you know all the pain that you go through all that they know from youre personal Hell. In which we all must acquire thought dwelling in composed self relating problems in everyday life. Sitting in that still youll feel that thrill when you conquer that hill. Bow before something youve dealt with before on many occasion. On a another plane from a witchs vain we feel insane. You feel the wind come from within passing on to youre next of kin, learning of sin, when it starts to begin youre soul wears thin, when water rushes past youre spirit youll start automatically, youll fear it Take control and steer but have no fear.the direction from which you want is ever so clear and all comes comes from within. You feel that relentless dark hole of concentrated matter. A red hot coal burns my soul its time I payed my toll. tearing my righteous being of pressurized steam. On a collision course with a never ending cosmic reality, within us all, From which we all suffer that extremity, deep in our sub concious mind. MIND. Power Super natural feelings lurk deep within my soul. Thoughts and depression suppressing my love for the world. Can I not show for the weak. Strey from the herd im unremorsesly taken down. Waiting and watching a process of elimination. We all live whithin inescabable mental awareness alive in us all. Requesting redemption a fleeting purpose of obsecurity. Some solid form of worthyness I desire. A recreated few we are the last of a dying breed of humanitist the world depends on. All that is, is being and we must accompolish insignifigant lives. Like water evaporating a never ending dance of a cosmic reality based deep within myself. Bouncing from sunrise to sunset, or sphere to cresent. A solar eclispe an annual event, like a deliveration day hitting the dark side of our own mind, off in the distance shock waves of bright light commenses itself upon me. In one small glimpse it shall engulf me, Kicking that life cycle, A generous beginning that beam of light, filling my mind with thoughts of hostility, aggresion and turmoil, so it shall not be. But then the light is lost, No signifigence, sorrounding my being with friends and light, and chaos. A masterminded plan of thoughts and creation, subdued by my own being. Summer scorching, mercury rising, A fire in the woodland a recreation of things past and present colliding with things to come. A complete abomination consuming me within the flames. A friend to lead me through is all I ask. Stories of summers death and autumns birth lingers within my thoughts what is to come of me, past thoughts of spring time greens holds on as I soak in the unscurpulous heat brought on by my own conciousness. Heat exstinguished, By winter, winds and rain dark clouds will emerge, fernouses built, Family on a fire in the sky. Birds flying of natural wondrous blue into a never ending disguised veiw. Ourselves, exceleration thoughts of past, present and future, Lives of countless souls, angels and demons. Invisible to the naked eye, seeing thoughts of darkness within my mental depiction. Destruction of foaming styles, an inexpensable commodity. Understand this mental extremity causing reaction of sudden feelings, scattering all over my mind with thoughts of self destruction, decyphering, sabotage within a mental description of my own selfishness. Inner most thoughts, questions, answers complicated eqautions of concentrated power yet to be released. But feeling strong standing alone in this world, flowing through my heart body, mind, and soul. A cold reflection of myself is all I see, Stare directly into my dygression filling my being with persuasive light rays To see the giant confrontation that is justifying my exsistence, Flex youre grip tight and dont be led, astrey.As I look into my own eyes wanting a fresh relentless soul, Not trusting an innocent eve a mistake looking into her eyes of Bright luminous blue, The lush green rain forest, Or inevitably the Dark Grey, Clouds. Trusting is not a part of my life you must hurt to trust some what that of love, So fleet of foot, She lurks unknowingly has in her possesion of myself.


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