My 1974 Autostick Beetle.

My 1974 Autostick Beetle. 1974 is a great year because it is the NEWEST bug that is smog exempt in all 50 states! Needing a backup car for when my 1967 mustang fastback was up on blocks with no powertrain, I researched to find the best smog-friendly year of Beetle. (You can see the benefits of this year on this page below the pictures.) Now I’ve got my mustang and my folks old 1987 E-150 cargo van. Those two cars meet my needs (along with the family project 1989 mustang drag car) which is why I would like to sell this car. Original radio still installed, with the addition of a Sony cd changer-capable controller head unit installed below the glove box (no cd changer) and a pair of decent 6x9” in boxes in the back. Thats the only modificaiton I have spotted. The interior is complete (-sun visors) and all stock-appearing, with a good headliner. This is a rust free car, with small detail areas on the exterior excepted: NO internal rust. This is common cosmetic rust which is easily repaired. The battery tray area was very good and whole with little rust, but I had it specially coated anti-rust 'hammered enamel' paint. Shifts and drives excellent; a definite daily driver and the Autostick makes rush hour type stop and go driving much less torturous. It has a good coat of red paint, however the clear-coat is peeling off. The engine has no modifications, just complete with stock pieces, such as a new alternator. Since this is my back up car, I have kept up on the maintaince; valve lash adjustments, fluid changes and ignition. After the below pictures I have listed some of the areas of improvement the factory added to the Beetle from around '72 up to '74 such as why this car never gets overheated;

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·          Dual port 1600 engine.

·          Three part induction manifold.

·          New larger oil cooler mounted ‘doghouse' style and venting to

 atmosphere - gives better cooling to No 3 cylinder.

·          Bigger capacity (wider) cooling fan.

·          Bigger front brakes (drum brake models).

·          Larger oil pump.

·          Engine lid gets 4 sets of air slots.

·          Wheels change from 5.6x15 to 6.0x15 in late 72.

·          600 watt (50 amp) alternator replaces generator in mid year.

·          Improved intake pre-heating for faster cold weather warm-up.

·          Engine case near No3/flywheel is reinforced to prevent cracking.

·          New fuel pump (with cut-off valve) to clear alternator.

·          Paper air filter.

·          New ‘lifetime lubricated' front and rear wheel bearings.

·          Larger curved windscreen and smaller front lid to

 luggage compartment.

·          New interior light assembly.

·          Stronger bumpers.

·          Redesigned fresh air system.


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