My newest Mustang: 1987 Chp Police Interceptor


5-29-06 I sold my much loved CHP for my full price of $4400. I will inform if something changes, but we signed an informal contract, and he is supposed to pick up the car tomorrow. Thanks

5-25-06 I am selling my much loved CHP, check out the pictures and description; I want an enthusiast to buy the car from me...

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I am currently 10-27-05 † Installing a ford 9 inch rear end in this car†† 9" axle swap

More Pics of Modifications soon to come

However you call it: Notch, Coupe, Sport sedan, Notchback... I love the '87-'93 Fox body with a trunk. Especially with the 5 speed manual!

This is my 1987 Police interceptor CHP Mustang with my favorite items: 5.0 V8, 5-speed manual trans, pre air-bag steering wheel (I replaced the torn up orignal with a very nice '89 unit) with TILT steering column! Manual windows, and mirrors and handsome cloth-vinyl door panels which lack those baggy underwear-looking elastic bags most cars have! These are some of the great features of these cars... full size blacked out 10-hole spare... the list goes on I guess you have to see the car. Below is some info I simply pasted in from an eariler typed email, just know that when you read it, no edit.. ok

The car is my daily driver, I use it to commute 8 miles to work. I installed the rear end 8.8 axle from the silver 1991's you see elsewhere on my site: upper and lower control arms & antisway & springs & rubber isolators, since the rubber items of all of those (not sway bar!) were blasted, but you can have them all if you want. I still have the original CHP 8.8 which features 3.27:1 gears, what the car has now is freeway friendly (and gas friendly) 3.0:1 gears from the 1991

The entire brake system is very nearly new. It didnít really work when I got the car so its new master cylinder, 2 new calipers, 2 new rotors, bearings, seals, semi pads, 2 new soft front brake lines: new rear soft line, new rear hard lines, backing plates from 1991 (since the 87's were scored from hard use) 2 new brake cylinders for the rear along with shoes..etc

I think that I even swapped the in driveshaft from the 1991, they are the same, but you know automatic cars have less shock loads on the entire power train and body. Plus its 4 years newer and not ab(USED) from Police Officers

3 weeks ago:
New fuel pump with new sending unit and new filter New cap and rotor for ignition and slightly used ACCELL 8mm wires New properly gapped spark plugs with a dab of antisieze... I use antiseize or some thread compound on every single fastener (except brake line fittings) I take much time to ensure that things are done cleanly and high levels of detail, otherwise I wont do it. Iím sure you can clearly see what Iím talking about when you see on my web page the 9" install (which is now in the '91 but has the quad shock brackets now)
I just changed out the cooling fan also, the chp on had *scary* looking cracks, but I still have it around. Thats what im up to right now, installing an electric fan in the 1991 to ready it for daily driver status (also installing the 9" rear axle)

Oh yes, you also get the quad shocks from the 1991 because the '87's were old... etc

I change the oil 2000 miles, that may sound excessive but thatís what I do. One awesome thing about the white car that I wanted to swap over to the 1991 is the oil cooler, but its a specific SSP part so it goes with the car.

The exhaust is the SSP stainless system, but normal GT 5.0 sized

I bought new window regulator handles (black) from a Ford dealership but never installed them. I bought the rubber isolators for the top of the 8.8 from a Ford Dealership and did install them (the upper control arms install to them on the axle)

oh, and the car doesn't leak anything. (the 1991 has a nasty valve cover leak, yuk)

The worst things about the car: The SSP installed Monroe Sensatrac struts need replacing (normal) There is a small crease behind the driver side door looks like somebody opened their door in a parking lot and hit the '87... both of these problems preceded my ownership

There is no rust There is a clean carfax report, no accidents
Carfax also reports that the car served its time in Irvine and Fullerton, CA

There was only one license plate when I got the car and problems with the paperwork and liens and a pain in the ass I waded through and paid and the car is totally paperwork perfect, the title and registration mention the Prior Police Service. The car has just been registered again, and the smog is current and insurance is current. And I have two plates now, but never installed the front, didnt want to drill a hole, I keep it up on the dash..

Like I said; daily driver!

Ford Mustang 1987 Chp Police Interceptor

Installing a ford 9 inch rear end in this car 9" axle swap