Home-Made electrical feedthrough bulkhead connector

Used this on my Lentech equipped AOD transmission as seen here
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I was having an AOD transmission built for my 1991 Mustang.  The gentleman building the Trans offered a Lentech valve body with electric OD lock out.  He was going to simply drill a hole in the case and push a wire through with some silicon.  I thought that there must be a better way to do it; and remembered using a device when employed by the aerospace industry.  To find what I had in mind or something close, I began researching on something that could:

  • breach two environments (such as hot oil on one side & std. atmosphere on the other),
  • provide sealing against liquids
  • isolate an electric signal

I found that what I was looking for was probably called an electric bulkhead connector or a feedthrough connector.  McMaster Carr had no idea, neither did McFadden dale hardware, or Grainger, neither did Orvac or any auto store.

Home improvement stores were quite out, I did not even attempt.

After searching the web I found some offerings for $150.00 and above.  Clearly this was the wrong way to go.  Perfect in every way except price, hermetically sealed and good for 1200 AMPS, price was the big detractor

So I made my own, from bits taken from a hardware store. I Used the end result on my Lentech equipped AOD transmission as seen here

After minor modifications, I just needed to fill it with epoxy or some sort of sealer.  It passed the “mouth suck test” for holding some vacuum, but I thought that if I could inject JB weld in there it would be better.  I was thinking a syringe and coffee straw.  I ended up using a #20 needle and syringe.  The REGULAR not 5 minute JB weld was used and flowed just fine.

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