Upgrade a 5.0 mustang to an 11 inch hydraulic clutch utilizing Factory Ford Parts

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If you want to be rid of cable actuated clutches and adjustable quadrents that need adjusting, go hydraulic clutch for your Fox Platform... and if 5.0 Mustang, you now get a 11 inch instead of 10.5 clutch.
Ford Mustang
11 inch hydraulic clutch for fox mustang
Yes this is a factory SBF Ford bellhousing cast for use with a hydraulic cylinder.

For the Fox Mustang, the only thing needed is to adapt it to a T5. IIRC properly, it will bolt direct to a 4 speed toploader if you want that option.

The pictures you see are bolted up to a 5.0 and a T5. The hydraulic-bellhousing and backing plate are from the old junkyard Ford. The master/slave cylinder hydraulic system and pedal assy sourced from other fox cars. There is an old school adapter that I was able to get qty 3 of from an old hot-rodder. I had them machined slightly to fit this particular application because there is no adapter/conversion kit for this. All I had to do was to drill and countersink 1 new bolthole to fit the T5 bolt pattern, and slightly open up the ID of the trans mounting flange. I had all 3 bellhousings done at once at a machine shop.

The truck master cylinder uses an integral reservoir which I think is in the way for the fox cars. The one to use is turbocoupe sourced cyinder using the remote reservior.

Dont forget to address the firewall...for the clutch ram to breach into the drivers compartment.

Over the years I have gathered enough parts to do three cars. I have the bellhousing, hydraulic parts, even an 11" clutch and flywheel that fix 5.0. I want one 'kit' for myself and backup parts in case I want it on another car. I can think of no reason to keep a third kit. If you want it I will sell it to you because you have waded through the www to get to this point, isnt that right? See how to contact me elsewhere on my website.
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168 flywheel 28 oz imbalance
e4ta v8 bellhousing for hydraulic clutch
168 tooth sfi flexplate
The old Mustangs used a 10" clutch on a metal rod actuated system... Using mostly Factory Ford Parts from other Ford cars, OK all parts are OEM Factory Ford save one, IF you want the T5 transmission!

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