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My 1987 chp fox mustang had seen better days. One of the items that needed attention was the rear end. I figured I should swap to the venerable Ford 9 inch rear axle while I was at it. I wanted to take advantage of the easy third member swap, since I already had a nine in another car. I wanted to be efficient (cheep & easy) and change ONLY the items which I absoultly HAD to change, which meant (to me) keeping the stock rear drum brakes. Other companies said it couldn't be done, but Ed at Sutton Engineering had done it before!!!!
Sutton Engineering is located at 220 South 9th Avenue, La Puente, CA, 91746

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** New 11-10-05 **







Uh Oh, a small problem...
The 8.8 driveshaft flange
is wider than the 9" flange

used the bi-length
1-0134bf bruteforce to fit

one side of the 1-0134bf
fits the 9" (smaller) flange

one side of the 1-0134bf
fits the 8.8 (larger) flange


Ford Axle Housing End Chart


*New 10-26-05*


Didnt really know if the wheel caps would fit...


...with the steeda (ARP) 2.5" wheel studs Oh Yeah!

Currie is a household name, Strange Engineering in Illinois and Moser of Indiana only slightly less known, all had "solutions" or at least they had ford 9" housings with the shock mounts welded on for a 5.0.... At this point, I was looking for a housing and axles. Moser was too far away. It would one and a half times $$ because of shipping. And they wanted to sell me a new third member for about $1200 because as they said, it would not be worth it to pay for shipping TWICE to get mine fixed. Strange was the same, but their housings were priced the best of the big three I mention.

Currie, well Currie is famous, but only because they are big. They will not do anything for you. In fact, in 1995 when I got the 9" done for my '67 mustang, they wanted about $2600 and I would have to wait for months before they would even BEGIN to deal with me. (Sutton did it in '95 for $800 and QUICKLY) Now: 9/2005, Currie tells me that they will need $1700 for axles and housing (with 5.0 suspension brackets welded on) -that is without a 3rd member, AND I will have to buy Ford Explorer disc brakes, Plus a parking brake modification, PLUS I will have to cut my brake lines, and plumb in a proportion valve for the aforementioned disc brakes. I told them that I had just rebuilt my stock rear drum brakes, and they were sufficient for my intended usage, which they are... if ever I do modifications to my brakes, I will effect the most positive change with better calipers and rotors in the front. The back rear brakes... well they do good enough, and I just don't want to mess around with the parking brakes action, a proportion valve (requiring creating some high quality flare fittings in tight quarters), not to mention when the brake components wear out, I want to brainlessly go to my local parts store and say "rear brake rebuild kit for 1987 ford mustang please" No problem. Shoes drums cylinders springs they will never Not stock them. Not even in twenty years.

Currie said "sorry no. there is absolutely no way you can retain your stock brakes. It cannot be done" I asked them if they could machine some axle flanges for me, wouldn’t that solve the fitment problem? "sorry no. there is absolutely no way you can retain your stock brakes. It cannot be done." When I pressed them further they replied to effect of: "Sorry, the 8.8 rear axle tube extends past the flange. Sorry." It seemed to me that a housing end could be machined to fit and when installed on the 9" housing, the extending tube of the 8.8 would be a moot point (being on the discarded 8.8 housing! duh!). Considering Currie's vast wealth, huge facility, extensive staff and nearly unlimited resources, they could make something that would fit. Couldnt they?? If they did it once, they could sell it untold thousands of times. They simply stared at me with wide blank eyes and mouthed their standard, practiced response: "we're sorry it cannot be done..." Such a large company, making such profits. And they care THE ABSOLUTE LEAST of the big three that I had talked to. "Buy our pre-packaged, standard solution or walk" It's so damn *funny* that Currie can't figure out how to do what Sutton DOES.  Its not as if they told me "hey, we don't want to do it"...they told me it couldn't be done. But hey, they spent a few hours with me and even gave me a tour of the facility. However their ideas and prices SUCKED so HARD, it forced me to finally recall the little company who did the big 9" for my '67 mustang all those years ago. Sutton Engineering!!

Below are the WAR case and 9" housing as they were before Ed transformed them.

The raw material Ed started with..

I had this case for a few years

Ed of Sutton Engineering set me up... fixing my third member, cutting a housing to fix a 5.0 Fox Mustang, new axles (stock four lug for me) and their custom axle flanges which allow all stock brake hardware, its just like a stock Fox Mustang, which just happens to have a 9" rear end lurking underneath!!

Sutton Engineering is located at 220 South 9th Avenue, La Puente, CA, 91746
I have been using the 9" that they built for my 1967 Mustang for 10 years, without a glitch! I was foolish to not contact them sooner. They had moved to the address above. They used to be at 15117 Unit K Salt Lake Avenue, I can't find their new address on the web. They have the same phone number # (626) 961-9369, also 626-961-9360. I have provided some maps below:






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